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The Retreat

Please note – 11 day retreats will be available for booking at Maya to begin on the first Monday of each month.

The shortest stay option at Maya is set at ten days which is due to the time taken to make good progress with Ayahuasca.
It’s also important to note that although this is the minimum time available, we would advise that you stay as long as physically possible.
The more time you can put into Ayahuasca and the other plant medicines we offer alongside, plus time spent with the staff and shaman at the retreat,
will see a much larger difference in the benefits you take away from your stay.

Here’s a breakdown of what a typical 11 days retreat will look like, however we must advise that all retreats are individual. Our shamans will talk through any problems you may have physically or mentally. Plus discuss your spirituality and any spiritual needs that you have. You will receive an individual plan from the shaman. You can drink Ayahuasca as many times as the Shaman thinks is necessary and you feel comfortable to do it plus have sound and plant medicine healings


On arrival into Iquitos we recommend you give us your arrival time and we will arrange collection with a reliable taxi driver for around $20. If this is not possible we recommend you spend your first evening relaxing at La Casona Hotel in the centre of town to help you ease into the timezone and relax after your journey. You will find market stalls and restaurants close by should you want to grab a bite to eat and take in the culture of Iquitos life.

Day One

We will collect you from the airport or La Casona Hotel at 9.30am and drive to the retreat grounds. You will arrive at Maya just before lunchtime to settle into your accommodation. Following lunch we will have a group orientation of Maya and one on one consultations before our first group dinner at 6pm.

Day Two

At 8am we will provide a vegetable based plant breakfast and discuss in a group people’s needs and experiences. Any questions will be answered by the shaman. A plant diet 14 days and during the retreat is a great way to prepare for the Ayahuasca as it will help rid your body of toxins and centre your mind and soul to receive as much benefit from the medicine as possible.

At 12pm we will have a group lunch then a range of activities will be available for your participation such as arts and crafts, painting, swimming in the centre’s purpose built pond or simply relaxing around the site. Time will then be free for you to set your intentions before your first Ayahuasca ceremony at 7pm.

Day Three

At 8am we will have breakfast followed at 9:30am by an optional (though highly recommended) circle meeting. After our circle meeting you will have a traditional plant medicine bath to cleanse you and make you feel entirely refreshed. Following this you are free to relax and enjoy the site until lunch time at midday. After lunch you will take the full afternoon to relax and reflect on your first Ayahuasca experience. A group dinner will take place at 6pm in the evening.

Day Four

At 8am we will prepare for you breakfast followed by lunch at midday. You will then take the afternoon to prepare for your second Ayahuasca ceremony at 7pm however you choose.

Day Five

After an 8am breakfast we will hold our second circle meeting at 9:30am. Although these are optional we would again highly recommend your inclusion in this, as often it’s talking with each other about our experiences with Ayahuasca that helps you to process and fully appreciate your own experience with the medicine. After our circle meeting we will have our traditional plant medicine bath. Following lunch this day we will take a jungle walk with our shaman to explain some of the plant medicines and natural wild life we have here at Maya. We will then have our group dinner at 6pm. Ayahuasca is optional on this day.

Day Six

At 8am we will have breakfast then sound healing will be available throughout the day to all guests. You will be encouraged to spend time alone around the retreat, centring yourself in the beautiful rainforest and may feel a heightened, deeper effect from your Ayahuasca journeys following this experience.


Day Seven

At 8am we will have breakfast followed by a morning of relaxation, then at midday we will have lunch with a free afternoon to centre yourself for your third Ayahuasca ceremony taking place at 7pm.

Day Eight

At 8am we will have breakfast and our circle meeting will follow at 9:30am. Followed by what by now will undoubtedly be your favourite time of the day, our traditional plant medicine bath!  Lunch will be at 12pm followed by our friends from the Shipibo people bringing their beautiful hand crafted clothes, jewellery and paintings which you may purchase should you wish. For this reason we would recommend picking up a little local currency on arrival in Iquitos. Then dinner will be at 6pm and in the interim you are free to roam and enjoy the centre at your will.

Day Nine

At 8am we will have breakfast followed by a group lunch at midday. After lunch we will have a cleansing mud bath and lots of deep reflection and preparation before your final Ayahuasca ceremony at 7pm in the evening.

Day Ten

At 8am we will have breakfast and following this the final circle meeting. Even if you have not wished to join in previously we recommend doing so on this final day to help work through and conclude the profound experiences you will have gone through in your time at Maya. Following the circle meeting you will have another plant medicine bath to give you a final cleanse before your departure. At midday we will hold lunch and at 6pm will be a fire ceremony and large group dinner around the fire.

Day Eleven

After our 8am breakfast we will leave for Iquitos and after storing your bags safely in town until your departure we will take you to the amazing Shaman market at Belen. Here you will find incredible artefacts and keepsakes as well as a huge array of plant medicines to take away with you. If you would like any advice on medicines that may help continue the work you have been doing with us or heal any ailments that you may suffer we can arrange for you to speak with people here and ensure you take away the best options possible.

After the market we will meet back up in town to say goodbye and collect your luggage. Should you wish to stay and explore Iquitos a little longer please do speak to us for recommendations on places to stay and visit, this is an incredible place and you may find it a little hard to leave!

We can’t wait to welcome you into our retreat and our always on standby should you have any questions about anything we have discussed above.


[/vc_column_text][vc_toggle title=”Recommended Iquitos Hotels” open=”false”]La Casona

La Casona Hotel is situated in the centre of town and serves as a reliable and cheap location.

Jirón Fitzcarrald 147
Iquitos, Loreto, Perú.

+51 65 23-4394
+51 65 60-1208

Emperador Terraza Hotel Iquitos

Emperador Terraza Is a slightly more upmarket option also situated in the centre of town.
Jirón Fitzcarrald # 191, esquina con jirón Nauta, Plaza de Armas
Iquitos, Loreto 16001, Perú, Suramérica.

Tel: (+51 65) 232590 | 234797

Cel: (+51) 940498744 | 950576255[/vc_toggle][/vc_column][/vc_row]