What To Bring


Handheld flashlight and/or headlamp (ideal for reading at night) to use around the site

Small Flashlight

All ceremonies are conducted in complete darkness, please ensure your light is small enough to conceal easily with your hand whilst in use


Swim wear for flower baths and swimming in Maya’s natural spring pond

Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito repellent (preferably a high strength, chemical free brand)


High factor sunscreen

Water Bottle

Please bring your own Water Bottle,
1 Lt is sufficient

Rain Boots

Rain boots/waterproof walking boots for walking in the jungle and wetter weather (standard trainers will be fine at drier times)


Sketch books, journals, pens, pencils and paints (it’s common to get incredible bursts of creativity following ceremonies, put it to good work!)


Camera/video camera for documenting your trip